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Vulnerability & Threat Management

It is necessary to periodically review the effectiveness of an organization’s risk control environment.  After investing in training, technology, and products, it is essential to have an independent look at how these security resources are performing.

· Reduced likelihood a business will suffer a disruption
· Reduced likelihood a business will cause disruptions to their customer or partner environments
· Systematic approach to introducing changes into the business
· Improved operational effectiveness by improving the reliability and availability of key company resources
· Proactive threat management made possible by planned updates to the security controls
· Providing specific operational guidance to security practitioners

Threat and Vulnerability Management is the part of the change and quality management processes by which an organization routinely reviews the threats that can cause harm to the business and then assess the vulnerability of a business asset to that threat.  Threats can be natural, human, or logical and can be executed either accidentally or motivated by malice.

JCHCI helps an organization identify threats and determine the susceptibility any given company asset has to the threat, so operational management can quickly determine the level of effort necessary to address the threat by performing:

· Ethical Hacking (penetration testing)
· Social Engineering
· System vulnerability scanning

Because business is always in a state of change; for organizations with a functional Threat and Vulnerability Management process in place; JCHCI can help by providing an independent view of the effectiveness of the program.

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