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Secure Systems Architecture

Taking an enterprise view of the deployment of company’s information resources can help identify weaknesses and potentially disastrous vulnerabilities in the organization’s security controls.

A layered or “Defense in Depth” approach to network security can help focus security efforts on specific issues greatly reducing the duplication of security controls needed to address a specific threat.

· Reduced complexity and duplication of resources
· Enabling future business by providing a secure path to internal company information
· Easier identification of inappropriate activity
· Reduced new project development time
· Reduced risk to the business when changes are introduced

A properly designed network security architecture can enable the business to be able to conduct business more effectively and at greatly reduced levels of risk.  If an environment is designed in such a way that threats are unable to access critical resources, an organization not only will have taken major steps forward in complying to their regulatory and legal obligations, they can reduce the cost of securing those resources.

JCHCI can review your current security architecture and help determine if your existing design strategy is making the best use of the technologies you have invested in.  All too often, technologies, processes, and procedures are deployed to meet a specific project.  Citing the need to keep the business moving forward; IT practitioners create private or duplication of resources, making it very difficult to manage the security of the individual assets as well as the collective company information resources.

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