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Security Risk MANAGEMENT

The key to an effective Risk Management Plan is to develop a simple method to ensure risks are properly identified and classified according to their potential impact upon the business, put affordable effective risk management controls in place that reduces risk to acceptable levels, and then test and monitored the controls to ensure they remain effective.



  • The business has a specific set of priorities based on real risks

  • By properly determining the value of the business resources at risk, plans are developed based on the value of the assets you are protecting, avoiding over-spending on excessive security controls

  • The organization can demonstrate to auditors that it has taken measured steps to identify and address risk to the business

  • Progress can be measured and compared, to ensure security spending is meeting its intended purpose.





JCHCI utilizes a comprehensive and effective method to identify and rank the level of impact a specific risk can have on a business.  While there are many opinions on how to measure risk, our approach is to keep it as simple as possible so people will be willing to evaluate their risk. 

The following Risk Assessment Services are available:

  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

  • Compliance Testing

  • Facility Risk Assessment

  • IT Risk Assessment

  • Ethical Hacking / Penetration Testing

  • Social Engineering




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