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Security Policy Development

A security policy is a statement of management’s intentions.  It is an acknowledgement of responsibility that a certain risk must be addressed.

Security policies are the basis for all security efforts within the organization

· Provides direction and leadership for the organization
· Provides clear purpose and authority of how specific risks are to be addressed
· Provides a specific set of conformance requirements

The JCHCI Policy Development Services helps your organization develop policies with clear purpose, stated objectives, and are tied to specific business drivers.

For any policy to be effective it must be:
· Easy to understand
· Accessible and enforceable
· Communicated to all affected parties
· Updated periodically to ensure relevance
· Supported by:
· Standards
· Procedures
· Guidelines

A policy should not change very often.  This is why all efforts are taken to ensure that the policies developed for an organization follow a clear chain of authority and do not get written in a manner that makes them unenforceable or obsolete because they are tied to products or technologies.

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