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Employees, Associates, and Partners

Employees, associates, and partners working with JC Hanlon Consulting, Inc. must be dedicated to maintaining a high level of personal and professional ethics, integrity, values, and adhere to the standards defined in the JCHCI Code of Ethics.

Employees, associates, and partners must be committed to representing the long-term interests of the people and companies they service through their personal pursuit of knowledge and use of sound judgment based upon vision, understanding, and wisdom.

JCHCI is a vendor management partner to its clients.

When JCHCI recommends a product or a service to its customer, it is done solely on the fact that the vendor or partner has demonstrated to JCHCI that the vendor’s company culture exhibits the ethical mooring and human interest in concert with the JCHCI standards of business practices.  The recommended vendor or supplier must be, in the opinion of JCHCI, a “fit” to the specific need of the customer JCHCI.

The JCHCI partner network is referred to as JNet.  JNet has been built to support the clients of JCHCI and currently hosts only  qualified partners and affiliates.

Vendors or suppliers wishing to apply to become a JCHCI preferred partner can contact us at:

Vendor & Partner opportunities:
E-Mail: PartnerPrograms@jchci.com

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