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Change Management Controls

Change Management is the practice of ensuring that all changes to an organization are carried out in a planned, tested and authorized manner and that risks associated with change are identified and addressed.
Nearly all compliance requirements mandate a formal change process be instituted within an organization.

· Reduced risk caused by change
· Reduces failed projects and unplanned costs
· Improved productivity by reducing unplanned disruptions to the business
· Reduces complexity and the ability to manage higher volume of concurrent change
· Provides pre-determined procedures for addressing un-planned change events
· Integration into the organization’s existing quality management processes

Change management controls are developed to ensure business process integrity and availability during periods when change is being instituted.

Policies, procedures, and standards are developed to ensure that modifications to the process environment are designed, planned, tested, and residual risks are identified and authorized.

A good change management process will help feed the organization’s Disaster Recovery, Incident Response, and Security Awareness programs.

JCHCI can assist in reviewing your existing change management practices or help you to develop a structured approach to managing changes in your organization.

This includes:
· Development of a Change Review Board
· Identify business reason behind changes
· Planning change
· Testing change
· Roll-back planning
· User acceptance
· Accreditation and Certification
· Exception handling

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