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Disaster Recovery (DR) &
Incident Response (IR) Planning

Organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure their survivability and that of their customers and partners by being able to keep their business operating during times of crisis or by being able to recover business functions in a pre-determine amount of time.

It is essential to develop a plan, test the plan, and update the plan as the business evolves.

· Reduced business downtime in the event a major incident occurs
· Assurance to investors their interests are protected
· Improved trust by customers that they will not be seriously impacted if a business disruption should occur
· Improved employee confidence that they will be cared for in the event of an emergency

Disaster Recovery (DR) and Incident Response (IR) are a measured response to risks that had been determined too expensive or unrealistic to mitigate.

The JCHCI approach is to:

· Conduct a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to determine the value of the business resource (Asset) and the time required to recover the resource before significant impact to the business is realized
· Conduct a Risk Assessment (RA) to determine the level of risk the Asset is exposed to
· Work with the organization’s Security, Quality, IT, and Crisis Management teams to determine any existing plans for ensuring business continuance
· Help develop recovery and incident response plans for critical business processes
· Prepare testing plans to ensure the organization understands its role and can perform its duties during an event

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