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Security Compliance Controls

A strategy to address a company’s compliance requirements is essential.  By identifying  compliance requirements an organization is able to take the next step of developing the necessary policies, procedures, standards, and practices necessary to ensure compliance.

· The client company is better equipped to address legal and other liability issues
· By developing a foundation of key business drivers, an organization’s security strategy can be governed by senior management driven efforts, ensuring the necessary support and accountability for the program’s success
· The organization’s security goals can be tied to measurable business goals and objectives

The JCHCI security compliance strategy makes the identification and planning easier to accomplish by  employing the following steps:

· Conduct a series of interviews and discovery sessions to identify key compliance requirements
· Identify the existing efforts being applied to address the compliance requirements
· Perform a gap analysis to identify areas that need to be developed or improved using a backdrop of international security and auditing standards, best practices, and the client’s business environment
· Produce an executive summary and a detailed compliance roadmap

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