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Security Awareness Planning

Security Awareness training is the single most effective means to improve an organization’s security control environment.

The most expensive and elegant security controls are only as good as the organization’s awareness that security is everyone’s responsibility.

· Management takes a visible role in supporting security improvement initiatives across the organization
· The cost of technical and physical security controls are reduced by improved involvement by all employees and staff
· Policies are effectively communicated and employees are better trained to observe policy violations
· Reduced number of support calls because inappropriate activity is reduced

A security and awareness program begins at the highest levels within an organization.

Companies can help reduce the number of business disruptions and wasted productivity by developing a culture of awareness within their organizations of the impacts and consequences that are caused by security breaches, policy violations, and other forms of inappropriate behavior.

JCHCI can assist by helping your organization develop a structured awareness and training program that includes:

· Executive awareness training
· New hire awareness materials
· Security Awareness Days
· Various media campaigns
· Training effectiveness tracking

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